test questions

When driving in fog, it is best to drive with:

High Beam

Low Beam

Four Way Flashers


If the vehicle you are driving starts to hydroplane, you should:

Pump the brakes to slow the vehicle

Allow the vehicle to slow to a manageable speed

Increase the speed slightly


This road sign means:

Yield before turning left and green signal

Turn left without yielding on red

Must turn left


Night driving poses special problems for drivers because:

The speed limit is increased at night

There are fewer cars on the roads at night

Vehicle speed and distance are harder to judge


All of the following are examples of driving distractions except:


Attending to children or pets

Completing a quick check of the space around your vehicle


Before returning to the original lane after passing another vehicle, you should:

Beep your horn

See both headlights of the passed vehicle in your rear view mirror

Flash your headlights


This road sign means:



Railroad Crossing


The best way to avoid a dangerous situation when driving is to:

Know what is happening around your vehicle

Turn off the radio

Always keep your eyes focused ahead of your car


If you approach a stopped emergency vehicle using its visual signals:

Slow down and let it pass

Increase your speed to get around the incident quickly

Move to the far lane and slow down to a safe speed


The maximum posted speed limit should be driven only:

During the night

During the day

In ideal conditions


You are car “A”. Who should yield the right of way as you are attempting to merge onto the interstate highway?

You would yield to the traffic on the interstate

Interstate traffic would yield to the vehicle entering the roadway

Right of way rules do not apply on interstates


When passing another vehicle:

Pass the vehicle as slowly as possible

Drive at the same speed as the vehicle you are passing

Pass the vehicle as safely and as quickly as possible


Prior to entering a curve:

Activate your turn signal

Reduce your speed

Brake hard


All drivers under the age of 21 have a specific restriction prohibiting them from:

Driving or attempting to drive while smoking

Driving or attempting to drive before midnight

Driving or attempting to drive after consuming alcohol


MVA will suspend the license of any driver with a BAC test result of: