Sample Test

You can identify aggressive drivers by:


The best way to avoid a dangerous situation when driving is to:


A person who has been drinking with a BAC level of .05 and greater is more likely to:


Driving at night reduces your ability to see very far ahead. Therefore you should drive:


You are the car deciding whether to pass the truck. What is the most important factor to consider?


Which of the following activities are restricted for drivers under the age of 21?


What is an uncontrolled intersection?


The implied consent law is:


How long is a learners permit valid for?


Persons under 21 years of age (the legal drinking age) are considered under the influence of alcohol (DUI) when their BAC is


Points are only used for:


What does the term “tailgating” mean?


What is the most important step in turning a car around?


If it is necessary to make an emergency stop while driving on an expressway, you should:


How many sides are there to a yield sign?


The best way to overcome fatigue is by:


A 5 ounce glass of wine contains the same amount of alcohol as …


When used in the driver education program, BAC means:


What kind of a drug is alcohol?


If you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching in the emergency mode, Maryland Law requires you to:


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