Rules And Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Please read the rules carefully which apply to students who do not attend and finish their course of study in the agreed time and schedule.


The Instructor will show the utmost respect for each student, and in return, it is expected that each student will respect the instructor and fellow students. The instructor will ask students to leave class or be expelled from the school if the list of rules of conduct below is broken. To complete the approved Driver Education Course successfully and receive a Certificate of Completion , the student shall:

Achieve a passing score on all required knowledge tests.

Demonstrate the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely and effectively in traffic by achieving a passing score on all the Behind-The-Wheel evaluations.

In addition to the student contract, students shall be canceled out of a Driver Education Course if they behave in a manner that is detrimental to the normal progression of the course or demonstrates the inability to understand the units of instruction or safely maneuver the training vehicle.

A-List Driving Academy will submit and utilize the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Electronic Data Entry to input each student’s certificate of completion after he or she receives a passing score on each course assignment.

NOTE: A List Driving Academy will keep the student’s record for one (1) year on file. After 1 year from the classroom start date, there will be no refund given.

Driver Education Program: The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) requires providers to complete the entire course in eighteen (18) weeks. A-List Driving Academy will allow students to complete the entire course within 1 year. Withdrawal after 1 year from the classroom start date, there will be no refund given.



The school requires a minimum of ten (10) students otherwise class shall not begin, and the enrollment fee will be refunded. Due to limit room capacity, reservations must be paid in advance. “Walk-in” registrations are acceptable if there available seating on the first day of class.


If a student chooses to withdraw from A-List Driving Academy he/she may do so ONLY by providing written notice of an intent to withdraw. Fees will be reimbursed based on the following schedule:

Withdrawal before start date: 100% of fees paid.

Withdrawal after start: You will be charged a $25 processing fee plus services provided.

Withdrawal after 1 year from the classroom start date, there will be no refund given.

Note: All students who withdraw will receive documentation of training received. This documentation may be used to transfer to a new driving school.


All balance must be paid within 15 days of the course START DATE, If payment is not made during the first 15 days of the Course Start Date, there will be a $50.00 late fee assessed, and an additional $10.00 late payment fee received 30 days after the Course Start Date. Behind-The-Wheel training will only be scheduled when all fees are paid in full.


Saturday , 11:30 am-1:30 pm


Students start on “Day One” and continue to advance in-unit sequence until “Day Ten” to finish the thirty (30) hour classroom. A student who misses the first class cannot attend the remainder of the two-week session. The six (6) hours of driving can be completed either during the two weeks of classroom or after. Then, a Driver Completion Certificate of Electronic Data Entry will be issued. Weekday classes are held from Monday to Friday. Weekend classes are held on Saturday and Sunday only.


No more than four (4) classes can be made up. More than four (4) missed classes will require the student to restart the entire Driver Education Program over.

Students can attend “Make-Up” classes if seats are available and the classroom is not filled to capacity. Students must call first to find out if seating is available for him/them.


ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED THROUGH THE IN CAR SESSION LINK 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE otherwise that student will be required to purchase an additional Replacement behind-the-wheel session Call (410) 721-1020 or email [email protected]


Students who register without a Learner’s Permit can only take the classroom portion of the driver education program. They have one (1) year after starting the 36 Hrs driver education program to schedule their Behind-The-Wheel classes. After 1 year from the classroom start date, there will be no refund given.


Students must be in class on time. Students must be in class no later than fifteen (15) minutes. After fifteen minutes students will not receive credit for the day.


A student who repeatedly distracts and disrupts class either by misbehaving and/or persistently talking shall be dismissed and receive no credit hours. The school official will report the incident to the student’s parent/guardian. The school reserves the right to discharge the students from class.


All driving appointments must be scheduled after all checks have been cleared and students must schedule them by calling (410) 721-1020 or [email protected] The driver’s education requirements are six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel training. Each behind-the-wheel session
is two (2) hours.


A student who vandalizes school properties shall be expelled. The student or parent/guardian shall be responsible. No refund shall be given. These regulations apply to all students or clients enrolled at A-List Driving Academy.


I will not hold A-List Driving Academy or its representatives, agents, or heirs, responsible for any expense, claims, or liability arising from an injury from an unforeseen circumstance while attending the Driver’s Education Course which includes 30 hours of classroom instructions plus 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel training.


A-List Driving Academy submits and utilizes the Maryland Department Of Transportation Electronic Data Entry to input each student’s Certificate of Completion who receives a passing score on each course assignment and Final Test. A Certificate of Completion will update in the Maryland Department Of Transportation Electronic Data Entry system 72 hours after completion of the 30/6 DRED. A-List Driving Academy will keep the student’s record for three (3) years on file.