Drivers Education

ALDA is an MVA certified driver’s education training facility. ALDA believes that everyone should have defensive driving knowledge. We at ALDA do not focus on just test preparation, but we focus on developing safe driving habits. We understand that obtaining your drivers license is not the end of your driver training but the beginning of your driving future. Here at ALDA we motivate and educate our students on the importance of staying safe and driving DEFENSIVE everyday on every trip!

Who needs driver’s education?
Anyone who has never carried a Maryland driver license or carried a full driver’s license from another state must attend driver’s education.

How does it work?
Drivers education consist of two sections. There is 30 classroom hour (general knowledge) and 6 in car hours (practical). Here at ALDA, we offer the classroom hours Monday-Friday for two consecutive weeks or Saturday and Sunday for 5 consecutive weekends. We offer morning classes from 10am-1pm, evening class from 3-6pm, night classes from 6-9pm, and weekend classes from 8-11am. We offer the in-car sessions 7 days a week in 2-hour increments. The classroom sessions are scheduled by choosing a class time from the home page and filling in the registration form. The in-car sessions are scheduled by calling 410-721-1020.

What’s the cost?
The total cost of driver’s education, 30 classroom hours and 6 hours of practical driving is 350-375.

The cost breakdown.

If you need the classroom portion only and will be taking the driving lessons elsewhere, the tuition for classroom-only is 100.

The cost of the 6 hours of practical driving is 300.

What if I miss a day?

NO PROBLEM! You can arrange to make up the day that you missed during a later class. Please be advised that students may not miss more than 3 days of class, however. All students must attend the first day of class.