Drivers Education

Who needs driver’s education?
Anyone who has never carried a Maryland driver license or carried a full driver’s license from another state must attend driver’s education.

How does it work?
Drivers education consist of two sections. There is 30 classroom hour (general knowledge) and 6 in car hours (practical). Here at A-List, we offer the classroom hours Monday-Friday for two consecutive weeks or Saturday and Sunday for 5 consecutive weekends. We offer morning classes from 10-1:15 PM, evening class, from 3-6 PM, night classes from 6-9 PM, and weekend classes from 8-11 AM. We offer the in-car sessions 7 days a week in 2-hour increments. The classroom sessions are scheduled by choosing a class time from the home page and filling in the registration form. The in-car sessions are scheduled by choosing in-car sessions from the home page.

What’s the cost?
The total cost of driver’s education, 30 classroom hours and 6 hours Of practical driving is 350.

The cost breakdown.

If you need the classroom portion only and will be taking the driving lessons elsewhere, the tuition for classroom-only is $100.

The cost of the 6 hours of practical driving will be $100 for each 2-hour lesson.


What if I miss a day?
NO PROBLEM! You can arrange to make up the day that you missed during a later class. Please be advised that students may not miss more than 3 days of class, however.

All students must attend the first day of class.